Brief introductionThe platen screen is developed due to materiel which contains a mount of water stop up badly, which is used for solving the screen problem that recurrence sulfa ration couch boiler need small size fuel. The platen is disposed aslant, while the screen is working enter from entrance to screen platen, and move to the end of screen platen by twist.The materiel less than screen hole decent from the hole, instead it is discharged out of the end of screen, thereby reaching on the purpose to be separated.
Structure propertyChain transmission type is adopted in the platen screen which adjusting is simple and driven is credible, whole pressurize frame is adopted to the economy, platen screen can be erected on the top of carrying coal strap.In this way, both can save space and reduce part build height of carrying coal strap system, thereby reduce engineering cost.It is of stronger adaptability, not to be easy to stop upavailability area of screen face, high abruption size, few dust and low noise.
1.产品型号      2.数量    3.控制方式
1.Product model   2.Quantity     3.Contrl type

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