Product introductionRoller screen is suitable for feeding coal system in thermal power plant.It can pick coal,wood,stone which size is bigger than the size of screen from raw coal and the rest will enter next equipment,protecting system in safety and stably condition.Roller screen use screen face which is made of rotary shafts and filtering the materials at the same time, By many years using test,it's efficiency is high,noise is low,not easy blocking than any other machine.So it can extensive apply in thermal power plant and other spot for choosing materials.

Main propertiesSeries of HGP roller screen is a kind of equipment which has materiel move forward by using of multi-shaft rotating with same speed and direction. It is of high efficiency, large capacity, good sealed performance, low yawp, convenient maintain and credible application. it is set up over loading protection device with side road system, so that finishing automation.


1.产品型号      2.数量    3.安装形式(左/右)     4.控制方式

1.Product model     2.Quantity      3.Installation type (left or right)      4.Contrl type

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